Humans, unlike all other creatures, possess the modality of the future. This vision of the future is the cornerstone of building relationships based on trust. But there are two main elements on which these relationships rest – security and freedom. Surely, security only makes sense when it is at the service of human freedom. However, freedom cannot endanger people’s security. Today, security is a challenge in itself due to the increased speed in digitalization combined with a sophisticated and demanding society. Technology-driven AUGENTIC faces these challenges by providing appropriate solutions while balancing the needs for security and freedom.

Our mission

We enable our clients to deliver state of the art and high secure identity and digital currency solutions for their countries. This will support the management of digitalization lying ahead of all of us. Doing so we want to make the world a safer place!

We act responsible and trustworthy. Our talents are being treated respectfully.


Labinot Carreti

Chief Executive Officer

Christian Klenner

Chief Financial Officer


Igor Baraz

Senior Vice President Global Sales

Mark de Marchi

Senior Vice President Project Management

Gisela Schmöger

Senior Vice President Legal & HR

Oliver Duffner

Senior Vice President Finance


Dr. Hermann Sterzinger

Chairman of Advisory Board

Hans-Wolfgang Kunz

Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board

Peter Schmid

Member of the Advisory Board